Insurance Questions

Q: Can I speak with a live agent?

A: Yes, absolutely!  We are here, M-Thurs. 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. Then Fridays, 8:00 am until 2:00 pm.  Ask us your questions; we are here to help.  Our agents deal with contractor’s insurance every single day, and the experience will benefit you.  Pick up the phone and dial 952-469-0425.

Q: Can I get insured today?

A: In most cases, YES! Normally the steps to secure a policy can be accomplished in just a couple of hours. Don’t let insurance stand in the way of you getting paid. We will make sure you have proof of insurance / a certificate of insurance in hand TODAY!

Q: Which contractor insurance companies do you use?

A: That’s a closely guarded secret! Hahaha!!! Seriously, we have teamed up with over thirty top-rated Minnesota insurance carriers to make sure you receive the very most for your hard-earned money. Many of our companies have contractors’ general liability insurance, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation insurance programs. We let them compete for your business.

Q: How do I sign up and buy insurance?

A: Say the word. After securing your quote, tell us, and we will rush the pre-filed application to you via our electronic system, DocuSign. It takes a minute to sign and NO printing, NO faxing, No scanning, or mailing! The preferred down payment method is by routing and account number. This personal information we like to obtain in person or by phone for security purposes.

Q: I need a low down payment, then monthly. Do you do that?

A: Yes, we do, most definitely! Most of our companies allow payments. There can be savings associated with paying in full, but it’s not required here. We do, however, suggest automatic monthly checking withdrawals. The reason being is that you normally won’t have an installment charge. Plus, if you always have funds available, no late charges or cancellation notices.

Q: How much will general liability insurance it cost me?

A: The cost of your general liability insurance is based on a few important factors. The number of active owners, gross sales, sub-contractors’ costs, number of employees, payroll, etc. Also, the type of work, say drywall versus general contracting or plumbing versus roofing, can affect your yearly insurance cost.

Q: I just took the contractor licensing class and need insurance now as the last step. They require certain limits of coverage. You do that?

A: We issue hundreds of certificates to the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry each year. We know what you need and can provide your certificate fast! The insurance certificate we provide is the acord 25 form. Which, according to the instructions, is also accepted (and is the industry standard). Basically, you pull the states form from your license kit and replace it with ours. It’s provided as a pdf file, which is easily emailed or uploaded to the State.

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Do you have questions about Minnesota Contractors Insurance? 952-469-0425

Do you have questions about Minnesota Contractors Insurance? 952-469-0425