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Painting contractors in Minnesota, do your want low cost painters insurance? Protecting your painting business from costly things like paint spills, bodily injury and other types of property damage. Lawsuits and other liabilities can hurt even crush your MN business. If you are doing residential or commercial painting, painting houses or inside apartments, we have the right painters insurance for your painting company. Many “one owner” painting contractor’s we work with qualify for great policy for only $482.00 for the year! It has a $250.00 property damage deductible which is normal. Common liability limits are $1,000,000/$2,000,000. You can sign and pay for your Minnesota painters insurance in the morning, and present your certificate or proof of insurance in the afternoon. Having your insurance certificates taken care of fast and accurately is our goal, many times within minutes. I think you will be very pleased with pricing, coverage options and service. Ask some questions, they are always free. Request a painters insurance quote for your MN painting business right away. Do not wait any longer.

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